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What is Subsidence?

What is Subsidence? We are often asked to inspect and advise on cracking to various buildings where the owner is in a panic as to whether they have subsidence. They often see a crack and automatically assume they have subsidence. So what is subsidence? Buildings crack for a variety of reasons, examples amongst others being – […]

Happy New Year & Prosperous 2013

Firstly, a Happy New Year to everyone and here’s hoping 2013 is prosperous and successful to all. Christmas has flown by in a flash, more bad weather has caused more flooding misery during the holiday season and as a result Dashwood Project Management has been busy throughout the festive period undertaking inspections and preparing schedules […]

Winter Property Maintenance Advice

Well, the weather seems to be one thing or the other at the moment. A week or so ago we were experiencing a deluge leading to the devastating floods as referred to in our previous blog, now we are at sub zero temperatures, although the ‘Beast from the East’ hasn’t quite developed as predicted. By […]